Welcome to “Our Bible Study Notes”. Every Friday night, during our parents’ online Church service with the Vietnamese Church, we (Grace Christian Huynh and Jay Christian Huynh) have a Bible study on the same verses that our parents cover in their sermon. Usually, we study the Bible together weekly, but we also study the Bible daily on our own, ready to learn something new every time we read. Now, our family thought it was a good idea to start posting our study notes on our website to share with you!

Studying the Bible is a very important task for Christians because the Bible is filled with messages from God. The Bible tells us how God wants us to live our lives to not only please Him but also for us to develop as His people. It is essential to understand the character of God and what it means to be a Christian so that we may also help others to know Him and be saved. The life of a Christian is a different and harder lifestyle than that of the world, but the Bible is a great source of encouragement from God.

In our notes, you will find ideas and interpretations of our readings of the Bible. We are using King James Version. We hope that you will find our notes insightful and useful when you study the Bible as well. You can expect the notes to be in a format that is easy to follow with our notes under each of our names in the same document.

Thank you and God bless you!

Grace Christian Huynh
Jay Christian Huynh

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