Temptations and Trials

Jay Christian Huynh
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There hath no temptation taken hold of you but such as is common to man. But God is faithful; He will not suffer you to be tempted beyond that which ye are able to bear, but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”
(I Corinthians 10:13)

Temptations are situations or thoughts that try to trap us into committing sinful acts. Trials are tests, or temptations that God allows us to face in order for us to show our spiritual strength and to strengthen our faith in God.

The sinful actions that temptations may encourage can include the temptation to work on the Sabbath, premarital sex, to renounce or curse God, or other sins that the Bible mentions. Trials from God could come in the form of persecution towards Christians. Two of the strongest examples of faith-testing trials are that of Job losing everything he had and Jesus being tempted by Satan to serve him.

Many times, temptations and trials come as the same event, such as how Job was tempted to curse God by his wife while being tested by God to show his faith. A trial many of us might experience in these times can be the temptation to work during the Sabbath. By giving into this temptation, we would be breaking the 4th commandment in order to gain more profit. One thing Christians should understand about tests from God is that God will never allow one of His children to go through a test that is impossible to pass. When a Christian fails a test from God, that person shows that his or her spiritual fortitude is weak.

Christians can deal with temptations and trials through prayer, asking God for assistance and thanking Him for all that one has. Christians should also do what they can to resist the temptation while praying to God to help them overcome the temptation. When praying to God to help overcome a temptation, Christians can use the Lord’s name to help cast away the evil that brings tempting thoughts.

A major temptation for modern Christians is that of fornication and sexual perversion. Sex in itself is not a sin, but abusing sex is a sin. Sexual sin comes from Satan’s perversion of sex. God had ordained sex between those joined by marriage. Therefore, fornication is Satan’s perversion of God’s creation. Other forms of sexual immorality that are not of God’s design include incest, bestiality, rape, prostitution, and fornication. The temptation of sexual immorality is pertinent to Christians these days because society tries to justify such acts. Thus, false teachers influenced by society mislead Christians into thinking premarital sex and homosexuality is right in God’s eye. Society has practically made premarital sex a regular and accepted occurrence, so many Christians that are exposed to such things, especially for a long period of time, may also find these sins acceptable.

We can overcome the temptations of sexual immorality by asking God for help through prayer and the power of the Lord’s name.

As Christians, Satan will always try to tempt us to sin in order to lead us away from God. God may also allow us to be tested in order to prove and build our faith. Temptation to sin may come in the forms of materialism, sex, and lack of faith. The only way for Christians to overcome temptation is to be faithful and pray for deliverance from God.

Jay Christian Huynh

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