Thank You! Lord!

Jay Christian Huynh

Praise ye Jah, give thanks to Jehovah,
For good, for to the age, [is] His kindness.”

(Psalms 106:1 – YLT)

The Scripture above is basically what this writing will be about: thanking God. This won’t be like the other articles I had to write in the past, but instead, this one is simply a list of blessings I am thankful for and have received from God.

I’d like to thank God for this decent year overall, as school has finally come to an end.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me the blessings of excellent grades in school and thank You for the passing results for the EOC (end of course) exam. Thank You, Lord, for giving me a peaceful year at school.

And thank You, Lord, for even giving me a better computer, compared to that old gray laptop that crashed every few hours. In addition to that, Thank You for the several items you have given me for my birthday. Two of the video games given to me on my birthday had not been playable until I got a new graphics card through my dad; when he was buying a graphic card to fix a customer’s computer he also bought me one.

Thank You, Lord, for the friends and family I have. Thank You for the other simple blessings I have, such as being able to be healthy, having shelter, having food to eat and water to drink. Thank You for giving me a life with freedom by allowing me to be born in a country of freedom. Thank You for giving me an education that I can use in the future.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my sins. Thank You for giving me opportunities that others may not have and thank You for all my possessions, whether physical, virtual, or spiritual. Thank You for everything I may have not listed also, and for the blessings You have given to me and my family.

In all, thank You for giving me everything I have and for everything that has happened to me so far.

Jay Christian Huynh

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