What Do You Think of God?

Jay Christian Huynh

When you think of God, what do you really think? Well, when I think of God, I think of Jesus, the Bible, and holiness. Why Jesus? Because He is our way to Heaven and is our savior. The Bible is the book about God and Jesus. God is holy in many ways.

First of all, He is fair and righteous. Second of all, He is our true savior and God. Last of all, is that our God is truthful and merciful. Our God in Heaven has sacrificed his only son to save us from destruction. What we think of God is important, because we have to truly believe in Him if we want to go to Heaven.

We also must stay away from people who speak in tongues that don’t understand what they are saying, and to see their relationship with God, to see if they really love our God and believe in Him. You have to be given by God the gifts to heal and the gifts to speak in tongues, meaning foreign languages as clearly described in Acts 2, not the gabbling of the meaningless sounds. God’s gifts are given accordingly to the will of the Holy Spirit not by our will or our prayers. Stay away from people that only talk about riches and healing, for they will lead you away from the truth. If you really trust God then you would not need to go to “healing groups,” because God might want to use whatever happened to you. The doctrine that teaches all sickness and poverties are the results of sin is found nowhere in the Bible. Read the book of Job and you will know that Job was only being tested and not punished. After Job passed the test he got twice as much property than he had before.

There are many false prophets today, be careful about which local Church you choose to attend, because if you choose a false Church you will be lead away from God. Don’t be fooled by how good they look, pay attention to their relationship with God to see if they are true prophets of God or not. Do not also be fooled by prophets that only talk about the Holy Spirit or just God himself. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are the Trinity God, and you must learn about all of them.      

Overall, the Trinity God is full of holiness and righteousness and that you must believe all in all of the Trinity, instead of just one of them.

Jay Christian Huynh

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