What Is Grace and Jay Ministry?

Our parents have their own ministry for the Vietnamese people. We want to reach out to all the young children and young adults. We want to share our knowledge and the Gospel to those who have not heard or are not sure and confused about the Word of God. We do so by writing and sharing our experiences and what they mean to us and how we relate God to it. We believe that everything that happens has a reason planned by God.

Our message is not only for the non-believers but also to those that do believe in the salvation. Some people out there call themselves a true Christian but live their lives for themselves and not for God. They often times forget why they are living and do not live a holy life.

We pray and hope that our words and message touch your heart and the hearts of those out there that come upon our site so that you can change and become stronger in your faith before it is too late. The Lord is coming back soon, so make sure you are prepared!

My parents host an online study group weekly for their Vietnamese Church members. Their three main websites are:

My parents: Timothy Christian Huynh & Priscilla Christian Huynh

In God’s Grace and Peace!

Grace Christian Huynh
Jay Christian Huynh

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